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Meet your painting instructor.

Hi, I’m Shaley Paige.

I absolutely love art and technology, so my mission is to help people like you use a combination of traditional and digital tools to paint anything!

Okay, maybe not anything… if you haven’t already discovered natural talents, you probably won’t become Leonardo da Vinci (he painted the Mona Lisa). But even if you are painting stick figures now, I think you could paint something as good as Vincent van Gogh before too long (he painted Starry Night)!

I come from a long line of artists. My great grandmother used a pseudonym to create work for the New Yorker and Disney before women commonly did so. My great grandfather paid for his move across the country by painting signs at motels and gas stations along the way.

I don’t believe in waiting for inspiration, or that only a few people are blessed with the ability to create beautiful paintings. In my opinion, everyone can be an artist, if they learn the creative process.

Painting is an activity that we all can practice for self expression, personal well-being, and empowerment. And if you truly internalize the creative process, as I teach it in Art Elation, I believe it can have profound impacts on your confidence and happiness.

I hope you’ll join me in a FREE painting challenge at YouTube, or as a member of our FREE Facebook group to start building up a community of like-minded friends, learning and growing together!

We are all creative. Cross my heart!

Shaley - See what I'm painting today at Instagram.

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Beginners welcome! Let's get started with your first great painting.

Have you always wanted to create a beautiful painting, but you don't feel artistic or you have no idea where to start? Art Elation is for you!

In the past, artists have protected their process like secrets that should never be revealed. They've avoided showing their work until it was totally done. Art was treated like a luxury, only to be admired.

At Art Elation, we believe that art is a language that everyone should learn! In our free tutorials at YouTube, we teach you how to use creative skills and imagination to paint your very own one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

No experience necessary!

Start with the foundations and grow from there.

  • Learn by following step-by-step videos to copy Shaley's paintings (like those seen on this page), or use the Art Elation creative process to paint your own unique masterpieces.
  • Don't worry about inspiration. We'll teach you how to come up with ideas, select painting subjects and styles, and practice your craft.
  • Share your work with a supportive community to ask questions and talk through ideas. Join our FREE Art Elation Artists Facebook group now.

"Nobody is born with a style or a voice. We don't come out of the womb knowing who we are. In the beginning we learn by pretending to be our heroes. We learn by copying.

We're talking about practice here, not plagiarism—plagiarism is trying to pass someone else's work off as your own. Copying is about reverse-engineering. It's like a mechanic taking apart a car to see how it works." ~ Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist

In Art Elation, we continually deconstruct professional, modern work to talk about approach and technique, difficulty level, and why you might choose a style, so that you can make better decisions and experience more success with your own paintings. 

There's something for everyone. You are welcome, regardless of where you are on your journey!

Art Elation Artist's Journey

What you'll learn at YouTube

You'll go behind the scenes to see exactly how Shaley moves from an idea or inspiration to a finished piece of art! SUBSCRIBE NOW!

How to use the creative process to successfully finish more paintings 

Start practicing the process by collecting your supplies, selecting a subject and style, creating your composition, choosing your color palette, painting the background and foreground, addressing points of intersection… fixing errors by repainting over them, adding a topcoat, and SO MUCH MORE.

How to give your paintings a WOW factor that captures attention

Stop wasting precious time, energy, and money creating paintings that aren't attractive in modern homes. Learn what type of art people are drawn to, and express yourself through big, bold colors with beautiful textures and designs.

How to increase confidence in yourself and your painting

Learn to focus on process, rather than results, to reduce feelings of failure and creative fatigue. Practice selecting subjects and styles, mixing colors, playing, stepping away, changing directions, and more.

How to think like a designer, so your paintings are more likely to turn out as expected

Get the inside scoop about how professional artists make decisions for the design of their paintings by addressing color, composition, scale, shape, negative space, and more.

How to use traditional and non-traditional art tools like a pro

See how traditional tools (paint, brushes, canvases, etc.) and non-traditional tools (Q-tips, toothbrushes, straws, etc.) can be used to make your art more active,  vibrant, and modern.

How to use digital art tools to make painting decisions and outcomes easier

Remove guesswork with the help of modern digital tools, such as sketching and ideation apps, smart phones, projectors, and more.

BONUS: Learn how to use Photopea (like Photoshop) to refine and improve your work.

What else is COMING to YouTube!


24/7 access to videos about everything you need for success

All videos in the YouTube channel go behind the scenes to show you exactly how Shaley moves from an idea or inspiration to a finished piece of art!

Unlimited access to step-by-step videos about the creative process, traditional and non-traditional art tools, digital art tools (such as Photopea), design thinking, confidence building, how to create the WOW factor, and the technique tutorials (where Shaley deconstructs paintings from across the web).

A new painting by Shaley for you to copy and learn every month

How-to videos for one new painting by Shaley per month. For each new painting challenge, we provide:

  • Step-by-step videos
  • Reference photo
  • Supply and color list
  • Template for tracing

*You CAN print copies that you painted of Shaley's designs for personal use only on pillows, shirts, canvases, mugs, or other home items. See Painting rights, below.

Q&A with Shaley

Shaley answers popular painting questions from the across the Internet. Have a question of your own? Join the Art Elation Artists FB group (where Shaley hangs out) and post your question there.

Shaley discusses topics like how to:

  • Photograph and print your art
  • Create cool art objects like NFTs
  • Paint with your imagination
  • Find your personal art style
  • Protect your artwork
  • and TONS more!

And more BONUSES!

Ad-free access to Photopea software (like Photoshop)

100% advertisement-free access to the Photopea app (a $9 per month value), so that you can work on your painting ideas and designs in a Photoshop-like tool without all the costs! Member-only how-to videos teach everything you need to know to color correct, use layers, resize images, and more!

A community of people learning the same creative process

Share your work, get encouragement, support, and inspire others in the Art Elation private Facebook group. Also, get first opportunity to join Shaley for exclusive painting challenges and events, like celebrating Bob Ross's birthday with a Bob-Ross-theme Zoom social painting party!

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Painting rights

Full rights to sell copies of or teach others how to paint your own unique paintings that you make following Shaley's creative process.

*Limited rights to print copies that you painted of Shaley's designs for personal use only on pillows, shirts, canvases, mugs, or other home items.

*Upon approval, limited rights to teach Shaley's paintings at local in-person paint parties. Online teaching, online kits, and selling products of any kind with Shaley's designs is not permitted.

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FREE bonuses to help you do things like photograph and print your art, find the best supplies, and create cool art objects like NFTs. See how this 36-year-old made $46K in 6 weeks selling NFTs.

50% discounts on all how-to-paint products Shaley offers outside the membership, such as kid classes and special events.

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Coming soon, we're painting a horse named "Heartland!"

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Puppy Love by Shaley Paige at Art Elation
Zen Rocks by Shaley Paige at Art Elation
Desert Colors by Shaley Paige at Art Elation
Wild Horse by Shaley Paige at Art Elation
Hibiscus by Shaley Paige at Art Elation

Check back soon for more examples of what you can learn how to paint!

art e·la·tion (Noun)The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination for the purpose of great happiness.