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Painting supplies for Heartland the horse

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Special supplies for THIS painting

Download and print the 8x8” 🐎 template

❑ Acrylic paint colors

*Any brand is okay. Use whatever you have on hand in these colors. In the video, Shaley used black, white, rose, and violet from a beginners set by Meeden. The Brilliant Purple was by Liquitex. Bright Aqua Green by Master's Touch from a local art store - Bright Aqua Green by Liquitex works too! 

❑ Brushes 


Supplies used for ALL paintings

Gesso for under the paint (Optionally used under the paint on canvases. Most canvases come pre-gessoed. There is no need to gesso mat board or multi-media paper.)

Gloss UV resistant clear acrylic spray for over the paint

❑ Printer to print the template on ordinary printer paper

❑ Something to transfer the template to your painting surface (an oil free conte crayon or drawing charcoal)

❑ An 8x8 inch acid-free surface to paint on (pick one)

  • Mixed media paper pad - ultra light, less expensive (15.99 for 60 sheets = 26 cents per sheet)
  • Matt board - have to order it from a business like matboardplus.com or have it custom cut at a local art store
  • Canvas - much easier to find, but more permanent and fabric makes bumpy texture if you don't add extra layers of gesso

❑ Palette - Any you prefer, or what Shaley uses:

  • Plastic takeout container lid
  • Paper towels
  • Water to dampen the towels

❑ Cleanup

  • Table Cloth or paper to protect your workspace surface
  • 2 or more microfiber cloths - Use these to dry waterlogged brushes fast and reuse them (the messier you are the more you will use. I use several every time I paint, but once they dry you can reuse them!)
  • Bag of baby wipes to quickly clean up mistakes and messes
  • 2 extra large cups to be used for “dirty” and “clean” paint water (Shaley uses bed risers flipped upside down! They're super sturdy and hold lots of water.)
    • Dirty water is where you set your brushes immediately after using them, so that the paint doesn’t dry
    • Clean water is where you dip your brushes to bring water into the painting without muddying up your colors
  • “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver - use this when you’re completely done with your painting… your brushes don’t need it every time you paint, but after every 3-5 times is good
  • Toothbrush to gently brush any lightly dried paint off the outside bristles of the brushes (better if you never let the paint dry on your brushes, but this might help with very light paint sticking)

Almost done!

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